Some Benefits of Using Clothing Muslimah (Hijab)

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Some Benefits of Using Clothing Muslimah (Hijab)

Some Benefits of Using Clothing Muslimah (Hijab)

Some Benefits of Using Clothing Muslimah (Hijab)

This time I will write an article, in which this article is not a regular article, because this article contains good news for you who use Muslim clothing. Research from various sources mentioned there are some beautiful and healthy benefits in using the hijab (Muslim busan). Curious what benefit ..?


Let’s see, she’s beautiful and healthy benefits of using the hijab (Muslim clothing).!


  1. The first of course to get a reward from Allah


  1. Protected from direct sunlight

Hijab protect your skin from direct sunlight. Moreover, with current weather where exposure to sunlight is not filtered properly to the earth. Direct sunlight raises risk of skin seared black spots, making skin dry and burning.


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  1. Hair Avoid Dust and Pollution

Our hair is protected from dust, UV rays and pollution, so the hair shaft more awake health and hygiene. Hair interaction directly with the outside world can make the color and sheen of the hair so dull. Although hair is adequately protected by using the hijab, remain balanced with care yes, Ladies.


  1. Familiarize painstaking

Habitual use of hijab will make us a more personal painstaking and clean. It is indirectly keep our body immunity.


Because we maintain hygiene habits and body are protected from direct physical contact, making us far from viruses disease.


  1. More quiet

Using the hijab not only affect the health and beauty of the body, but also the mind. This is because of the influence of real action with the mindset of users hijab. As the hijab is a garment that is required in spiritual Islam, then these clothes can calm the mind and happy users.


  1. People who want intends ignorant is not so.

People who intend or do not intend ignorant ignorant it sometimes say “Assalamu bu Haji”. Also the advantage for women because that person already mendo’akan us indirectly.


Avoid bad chatter.

Well, that’s some merit in using the hijab. Not only create beautiful and healthy, but also make life happier. So girls blessed are you who have started to close the genitals of now, before we genitalia ridiculed by others.

Surprising Benefits of Reading Books For Body Health

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Surprising Benefits of Reading Books For Body Health

Surprising Benefits of Reading Books For Body Health

Surprising Benefits of Reading Books For Body Health

Your hobby is reading a book … ???. Reading books in addition to adding insight and information are also able to make the organ the brain is always active every time. Lots of reading material that we can choose according to their interests and tastes of readers such as novels, newspapers, magazines, short stories and various other books. However, most of us seem reluctant to start Element Acupuncture Theory taking the time to read a book or in other words, they are busy with other work routines and busyness. But according to a recent study, revealed a surprising fact about reading books for health. So, what are the benefits for the health shocking reading your body … ???


Friend, health tips. Have you read the book today … ???. From now on, take time to read a few pages of your favorite book. Because without you knowing it, by reading the book then you also gain increased body health every day anyway. Health tips will review the various benefits of reading books for health to motivate all readers, making reading a book as a routine activity that’s fun. Health tips, the following surprising benefits reading books for your health:

Lowering Stress Levels In Mind. So the density of activity or daily work plus various problems of life can trigger meningkatkatnya stress levels at all individuals. This certainly could impact the declining health of the body. According to a research in 2009 at the University of Sussex, to start reading a book can reduce stress levels experienced by a person.

Organ Brain Stay Active And Sharp. By regularly read books every day, it can automatically mengolahragakan your brain. Based on studies conducted by Robert S. Wilson, Ph.D., “Making reading as a pastime of children up to the age of old age, of huge benefit to brain health in old age later”.

Ward potent Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is easy to forget the age-related person who also continues to grow. According to Dr. Robert P. Friedland. intellectual activity (such as reading a book) can strengthen the brain organ of the attack of various diseases that attack your brain.

Asleep Faster. Insomnia or sleeplessness symptoms experienced by most of us. One solution is quite simple, take a book to bed, and then read a few pages of the book. Activities read the book can calm the mind and body gestures to initiate closed his eyes.

Woman Fashion

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fashion woman

Versace. Armani. Karan. Merely a couple of one-name miracles inside the playing field of style style however types which have established a new lot of style movements which are therefore iconic there can be no a single withinside the planet that does not identify their own function, actually people that claim to never always possibly be actually remotely curious about style.

Style is amongst the biggest market sectors withinside the planet nowadays, not as a result of individuals would like in order to dress by them selves withinside proper outfits but additionally as it would be thought-about perhaps one of the backbones in our living. While not style, We Might do not have outlet for our particular individuality, absolutely simply zero method to categorical in the globe that We’re as well as what We’re within as well as out there.

fashion woman

Though each males and ladies profit plenty coming via style, there can be no denying that should be the actual female race in which advantages additional. In the event that you have at any time already recently been recently in order to be able for you to help any kind of Style 7 days or perhaps avidly comply with all of the Victoria’s Solution style demonstrates, you will understand the reason exactly precisely the reason. Ladies simply possess a organic inclination toward something fancy, frilly as well as rather and that is absolutely simply zero question these people are classified as the very greatest inspiration with regard to style designers.

Nevertheless, despite the indisputable fact that ladies wear style designs beautifully, their own presence inside the playing field of style remains distinctly missing, notably inside the realm regarding style style that as much as the actual current has been dominated mostly from the males. Whenever girl states she’s operating being a style designer, individuals remark which it is smart as a result of your woman loves shoes however when it is a man that states he is a new style designer, these people look into him withinside awe as well as suddenly, style is not frivolous as well as shallow however vital as well as essential. Go number.

Effectively, truly do not. The actual fact will be, while ladies function with in business that’s mostly linked together, individuals quickly assume you are presently right now generally at this time there to the perks as well as frivolities however you do not have what must be done to grasp what causes it to be tick along with culture, in which ladies and style somehow substantially reduces the actual mind cells. Thank God with regard to strong ladies CEOs who may have confirmed in which wielding energy though clad inside the latest and the majority fashionable energy fits does not imply you do not have brains.

It is equally maybe owing to the indisputable fact that males withinside style really certainly can be a novelty. Presently right now generally at this time there seemed to be a period while males withinside style have been believed regarding being gay or perhaps terribly assured regarding by them selves and the capskills in order to be able for you to help forego additional substantial occupation prospects withinside the traditional globe. However you genuinely consider it, wasn’t this accurate in which presently right now generally at this time there seemed to be only 1 style designer who was simply added withinside Time 100 : The actual The majority of Necessary Individuals inside the Century which it was actually a new female? Therefore extremely, the reality will be female style designers are classified as the novelty and not just the actual males.

Water Resistant Cool Luxury Watch

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Water Resistant Watches

Any individual who has got at any time purchased the look at possesses likely noticed watches using the normal mineral water proof tag stamped upon the back again on the look at. The particular tag usually is to show exactly just precisely the way serious an individual may take that will look at with normal mineral water and also to a diploma exactly just precisely the way lengthy. Each look at which has a normal mineral water proof tag jam tangan keren has actually been with the leakage check. It’s a check involving stress in which the watering holes corresponding to depth with meters tend to be scan. Possibly in case a look at has got the tag involving normal mineral water resistance this does not imply it was eventually recommended intended for prolonged utilize underwater. Let us make a case for this specific a trifle additional prior to discussing what you have to search when ever purchasing a look at.

Water Resistant Watches

Normal mineral water resistance which is scored intended for 30 meters suggests that this Can’t withstand a good deal of stress. When you strike the particular 30 meter tag the particular look at might bust lower. When you repeatedly use the look at underwater in addition to approximately jam tangan 20 meters it is going to end operating. Normal mineral water resistance is sometimes recommended for a person to understand their particular look at is usually safe if it’s dropped with normal mineral water, will get just a little rain onto it, or maybe even a good accidental swim inside a pool. Many told, normal mineral water resistance Isn’t recommended intended for floating around daily.

People who scuba dive possess a completely different search with the lyrics normal mineral water proof in addition to normal mineral water proof. Normal jam keren mineral water proof is really a expression not necessarily typically used in order to be able for you to help watches, though it’s apt whenever discussing dive watches. Dive watches ended up made for repeated utilize within water. They’ve specific designs to be certain they’re proofed versus the lake. First thing is that the seal. There exists a seal set up say for example a tiny O-ring as well as gasket. This specific grosir jam tangan facilitates prohibit the lake, however does not totally safeguard this. The sealant as well as lubricant is usually additional in order to be able for you to help in the normal mineral water close to the border. This specific sealant hardens in addition to makes certain the particular watch’s inner workings feel at ease versus normal mineral water. Despite all the seals set up the diving look at could become susceptible in order to be able for you to help normal mineral water.

Dive watches as time passes will just be afflicted through stress in addition to temperatures. These kind of stressors mixed along with aging on the seals suggests that the particular look at has got to bear upkeep in order to be able for you to help reform a very good seal. Dive watches will also be classified jam intended for much further depths given that divers prefer to go to 100 foot. Any individual wishing in order to be able for you to help swim which has a look at might possibly be more contented which has a dive look at during the usual athletics look at simply since they tend to be made for immersion with normal mineral water.

Style Fashion Jobs – Job Checklist within the Fashion-Industry

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A lifetime career within the fashion-industry seems profitable and attractive. Have you ever may genuinely believe that you CAn’t, although contemplate engaging in the style business handle it? You will find so jobs and many different functions as you are able to perform within the style world. One doesn’t always be considered a designer but nonetheless have the ability to possess a achievement profession within the fashion business.

Having the ability to earn a living with issues you prefer is definitely pleasant. If you’re a style lover and like to observe components, stunning apparel or drawings around you, you should think about beginning a lifetime career within the style world. Here are some crucial functions within the style world where you are able to be a part of – from style, manufacturing, advertising, to a lot of more.
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This really is among the many much talked about careers within the fashion business. Developers have the effect of recognizing them on the final goods and conceptualizing their suggestions on developments. Companies which possess several developers can employ developers, or work even for their very own manufacturer and production-line, or as a freelancer supplying styles for distinction businesses.

There are many kinds of fashion designers:

1. Clothing designers these are apparel designers, which range from underwear, sportswear, informal wear to high-fashion fashion, for ladies males and children.
2. Footwear developers: They style footwear for ladies males and children from the design viewpoint, in addition to from the base- the viewpoint of wellness.
3. Item developers: Components includes an absolutely that is wide – from cap, purses, eyewear to jewelry items and gloves, connections.

Manufacturing entails the sample of clothes and components till creating the ultimate items that will provide to clients and stores. This work that is huge entails a-team of numerous occupations:

1. Merchandiser: Merchandisers perform a vital part within a style product.They’s production process have the effect of purchasing garbage for manufacturing, choosing fabrics material and cuts. They’ve to create choices centered on quality pricing and newest pattern and development of recycleables.

2. Specialized Developers: Specialized designers would be the one for performing fixtures throughout the entire sample to manufacturing process responsible. They may not function as the one that created the garment but would be the specialists in supplying the garment to enhance the installation of outfit with option.

3. Pattern Manufacturers: Routine may be the foundation to get an outfit to become made. Routine manufacturers preserve and create designs for clothes that developers have sketched out. Routine manufacturers are fundamental individuals in conclusion of the dress.

4. Routine Graders: The dimension of outfit begins using the routine grading. Routine graders are in making dimension requirements for various dimensions specialists. They’re essential individuals set for any style manufacturers, like a constant dimension across items may preserve assurance and client loyalty.

5. Installing Types: Fundamentally footwear and clothes are created for placing design and convenience together. Installing is just an important component in fashion-industry and also the most exact fitting is by using design whilst the body for installation.

Several businesses have their very own devoted versions for installing their outlines, that has the precise sizing dimension the manufacturer demands. Occasionally you’d notice advertisements searching for sample models, ladies to plussize models, from children, males.

6. Quality Control Professionals: quality-control it is no exclusion in fashion business, and is of leading significance for almost any kind of items. Quality-control professionals consider the quality of recycleables, like shrinking peeling fading of linen and general quality of the style item, for example, the entire building of an item.

7. Organizers: Style planners organize directly with customers and developers to determine the manufacturing arrange for the months that are coming. They take a look at both advertising and manufacturing aspect while spending close focus on the most recent fashion trend.

Advertising is really as creating an excellent bit of style product as essential. Be it advertising in a wholesale aspect, people in style advertising contains of marketing the style product into this fast-changing world, the objective.

1. Style Customer/ Retail Merchandisers: Item merchandisers would be the types who purchase ready made items to become offered in a store like shops. These merchandisers perform evaluate industry pattern and studies, the client that is comparable shares and desires. Because getting the attention to purchase the best item for income could make a variation in income they keep large obligation when it comes to profit-making.

2. Shop Sales Professionals: Some manufacturers possess their showrooms, exhibiting their selection for style customers (suppliers) to create their purchases. In contrast to retail revenue, shop sales professionals become ready supply comprehensive info on the marketing selections and ought to know their periodic returning client better.

3. Store Manager/ Shop Owners store manager, shop owners and revenue would be the first-line employees experiencing retail clients as if you.

Additional Style-related Occupations
Besides within the area of advertising, creating or creating a style product, one may be drawn by additional jobs like like an author of style journal, style event administration etc. Below and online sites is just a checklist featuring another feasible careers associated with fashion business:

1. Style Authors: writers or Authors may create on developments, evaluations and tips for online sites, publications or websites. Style authors may also become fashion magazine publishers.

2. Personal Designers: Some shops supply individual styling providers though some personal client might utilize individual stylist giving tips in individual design to them.

3. Style occasion Administration/ Publicrelations: you will find anonymous style activities which demands function management employees and professional relations to look after. You will find publicity businesses specific in style rel that is keeping

Suppliers’ Baby Clothes: Should Have Products

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Infants bring joy in to the minds of families but there is cost and the extra tension. One method to sacrifice oneself from a number of cost and this tension would be to purchase wholesale baby products. Babies develop at quick prices as well as in the flash of a watch a young child can move up two or a dimension it appears, but purchasing plenty of garments to get a developing kid could be easy because of reduced reduced pricing. But despite this reduced pricing, it’s very important to have several crucial apparel products inside your kidis wardrobe which are required for any mom to possess.

Among the wholesale infant items which is crucial have for several moms may be the infant bodysuit. This apparel product is basically a-one-item material converted to an ensemble that may match infants of numerous dimensions. Complete bodysuits are available in plenty of styles including extended knee, stop, etc. These likewise usually have the advantage of flexible dimension so when your youngster develops long-sleeve and their physique modifications, the infant match may and certainly will adjust also. Since they’re a typical and handy method to dress a developing kid suppliers focusing on infant garments more often than not range from the bodysuit. With designs and a lot of designs accessible, in addition to a sizable shade choice, they offer excellent design while offering excellent price.
Another product that the mom simply should not stay without is just a diaper cover. Diaper addresses are created to protect the frequently-ugly plastic or fabric that’s used-to create diapers. The product is very good for indicating design for both kid and mom although it covers unpleasant diapers as well as in some instances masks odors. Infant garments offered by suppliers often provide this excellent clothing product in dimensions, several designs and shades. These diaper covers are nearly always designed with a room that may be employed for customization and monogramming. Diaper covers aswell since they’re usually produced from flexible elastic, so they alter and can develop using your child’s form.

For almost any mom is not precisely apparel, an excellent wardrobe should have, but in many cases are made from fabric. Infant fabric components for example bibs and caps are items which both are needed by kids purpose, but in addition although for design. These are available in a variety of supplies and types to match the requirements of any dealer and kid selections usually appear to possess a huge choice of these kinds of components. To allow them to be properly used to get a very(grosir perlengkapan bayi di bandung) long time, which could help you save money plus, these components frequently develop with kids.

Infant garments offered by suppliers could be difficult to search through from since you will find merely a lot of possibilities to moms and create choices. But of understanding several crucial what to ensure that you have inside your wardrobe using the assistance, your buying experience like a mom is likely to be simpler and produce more price for you personally as well as your kid.

Changing Fashion For ladies: A Look

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Style of women, because ages, has been susceptible to change. These changes happen to be the leading factors with regards to bringing in brand new trends.

Sometimes, the actual changes happen in reverse. Studies suggest that in most thirty years approximately, we make a go back to a fashion from the older times. The retro style doesn’t stick set for long though, and we observe new trends and fashion arriving soon.

So, how come fashion change?

Nicely, that’s the question everybody loves to ask. Many people love new points because well, we’re bored with old things. We do not need to dress such as others – you want to look different. We like to look new as well as better. There is definitely an urge to appear different and appear more fashionable compared to others. However, addititionally there is an apparent have to be more comfortable too. Here is a glance at some other explanations why fashion changes.

1. Development

There have already been invention of new recycleables, innovative techniques as well as advanced machineries every once in awhile. From silk as well as cotton to bamboo and nylon, raw materials which are used to stitch ladies clothing have affected fashion of women in many ways.

2. Social mix

With the globe communications improving cross-cultural participation of masses owned by different nations has turned into a reality. With which, the trends associated with fashion of ladies worldwide have transformed too.

3. New ways of transportation

Yes, our methods for travel have influenced the way you dress too. Improved means associated with transportation have played an essential role is this particular regard connecting masses around the globe. Fashion trends associated with women, which possess earlier been limited to specific areas, have been used by women owned by other parts from the world as nicely.

4. New add-ons

Changing fashion associated with women worldwide don’t refer to clothing only but additionally relate to essential accessories that ladies carry to comply with the latest changes on the planet of fashion. Through footwear to wrist watches and from purses to jewelry, fashion of women never been confined to anyone object, in specific.

Changes have usually excited women, plus they have loved the brand new offerings. With period, new trends arrived in, and old trends disappeared, and then reappear some 30 years later. Women will always be aware of changes popular, and at the finish, acceptance and adoption from the changing fashion developments always rest about the person’s personal flavor.

How to Produce a Luxury Home Interior on the Budget

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With our houses being the locations where we spend a sizable proportion of the time, it makes sense to produce a space that we are able to enjoy both virtually and visually. Nevertheless, when money is actually tight and bills have to be paid, it isn’t always possible to splurge about the most attractive custom furniture or distinctive decorations.

This is exactly where your creativity may come into play, and will also be pleased to realize that anyone can have a stylish look along with only minimum invest. For those seeking to make the best of the living space on the budget, here really are a few pieces associated with expert advice to create any room appear deceivingly luxurious.

The very first area to consider is the furniture. These pieces not only will give you place to sit down, eat and sleep in your house, but a major contributor towards the style and feel of the room. Brand new furniture could be stunningly attractive but additionally costly, so it’s worth considering other available choices.

One possibility would be to shop around used and charity stores, in your city and online, as possible very easy to locate a bargain in these types of places. Items of older furniture might not initially be for your taste, but this really is where a small creative effort in your part comes within; buy some paint plus some luxury upholstery or even curtain fabrics to be able to give each product a makeover.

Both upholstering a product of furniture as well as giving it the lick of paint can function wonders for an item that is structurally sound yet just a little on the unappealing side. You need not spend big upon luxury fabrics possibly, as many online retailers offer a variety of colours and textures from discounted prices, and upholstering is really a job you may accomplish yourself.

The color of your walls can also be a key function of any room and may create a sensation of luxury or create a home feel inexpensive and old-fashioned. Good colours to select are bright white wines and dark neutrals, which will produce a smart and fashionable modern look which may be accented by easy and inexpensive details.

Next in line to produce the feel of the luxury interior on the budget are your own curtains. These could make or break the type of the room, so it’s worth putting lots of thought into the options you make in this region. Browse luxury drape fabrics available from reputable online stores, then shop close to for items much like your ideal choice to get the best cost.

To complement your own white or natural walls, opt for colours that squeeze into a modern and elegant colour pallette, and avoided seriously patterned luxury drape fabrics and flimsy or even cheap materials. Many of these can spoil the actual classy feeling of the room, especially since window dressings in many cases are a focal point for that eyes.

Be aware which some luxury curtain fabrics for example silk can appear stunning, but additionally deteriorate in sunshine. Curtains that are lined might help prevent this as well as lining also can make window dressings seem to be of higher high quality, so bear these points in your mind when making your own purchase.

When you’ve the walls, furnishings and window dressings protected, it is now time for you to add little details of luxury to include personality and jumps of style to your house. Consider investing within simple yet elegant ornaments for example glass vases and lamps giving off an atmosphere of elegance.

Just like your paint as well as luxury curtain materials, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to produce an appealing look in your house; second hand shops and charity stores will often offer you ample choice to locate an accessory which will offset your inside decoration perfectly.

Consider using leftover bits of your luxury drape fabrics to upholster cushions and cushions around your home; you will not just be using excess product you have already bought, but you’ll be creating a much more coherent and coordinated try looking in each of your own rooms.

It is simple to produce a stunning living room with just some money and lots of ingenuity. Shop around with regard to important pieces for example luxury curtain as well as upholstery fabrics, fresh paint, second hand furnishings and ornaments, you are able to enjoy the comforting surroundings of the stylish home upon any budget.

Tips Encouraging Child Participate Berjilbab

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Tips Mengajak Anak Ikut Berjilbab

Tips Mengajak Anak Ikut Berjilbab


Tips Encouraging Child Participate Berjilbab. As a Muslim mother of a sweet girl, you would have been happy if the child involved to wear a headscarf with you. However, whether the child really intend to wear the veil because of the desire itself, or because you forced? Remember, for girls without puberty, wearing the veil is not a must that you should not be forced to play. One-one, you actually make your child ‘trauma’ and refuse to wear the hijab while more mature.

The key: Do not Play Forced!


Get children to wear the hijab since little is good, but you also have to follow suit to instill an understanding grasp of the child that wearing the veil is a good thing. Instead of force, you should make the child grow intention to wear a headscarf. One way is to develop the habit of veiling that is good and true of yourself. By developing good habits, your child will emulate.


Remember, infancy and childhood is a time when children love to imitate anything. If children get used to seeing you wearing hijab slick and courteous, over time will inevitably arise the curiosity of the child to go try. When interest began to appear, you can try to introduce children to the models hijab cute kids with bright colors to lure.


Choosing Children Hijab Pas


When the veil to choose your child, make sure you ask him if it is large enough and can choose. With invited to vote together, the child will develop a sense of love on the veil and will feel more comfortable wearing it, because according to taste. Do not forget to make sure that you select a veil made of comfortable material, absorb sweat, easy to use and the right size for the child’s head.


One more thing: if you really intend to teach children to wear the hijab, not half-half. For example, a child dressed in a headscarf but subordinates sleeveless shirts and tight knee-length pants. Make sure you begin to choose clothes that fit together veil worn, for example skirts, overalls, long sleeve shirts and blouses. Choose from lightweight material with colorful favorite. Thus reading about Tips Inviting Kids Come Berjilbab, may be useful Sist ‘.

Mustaqiem Shiratal Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city of Samarinda

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Mustaqiem Shiratal Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city of Samarinda

Mustaqiem Shiratal Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city of Samarinda

Mustaqiem Shiratal Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city of Samarinda, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, precisely in the village mosque, District Samarinda Seberang. The mosque, which was built in 1881 was jual bedug online once the winner of the 2nd Festival of historic mosques in Indonesia in 2003


In 1880, Said bin Abdurachman Assegaf with the title Prince of Treasurer, a Muslim trader from Pontianak, came to the Sultanate of Kutai. He chose Samarinda Seberang region as a place of residence and responded to by the current Kutai Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman after seeing diligence and obedience Said Abdurachman in implementing Islamic law. [2] [3]


At that time, Samarinda Seberang known simply as the area gambling arena, both cockfighting during the day or at night gambling dice. In addition, the circulation of liquor was also rife in the region, causing unrest Samarinda Seberang people around, because it could damage the image of Samarinda Seberang as symbols of Islam. Villagers almost no one dared to this region because of fear. However, Prince Treasurer came to them to invite execute Islamic law. [3] [2]


Prince Treasurer and local community leaders to negotiate to find a solution that Samarinda Seberang net of the activity. In the negotiations agreed, an area of ​​2,028 square meters there will be established a mosque. [3] [2]


A year later, in 1881, the four main pillars (pillar) was built by Said Abdurachman with residents. It is said that the establishment of the four pillars that because the help of a mysterious grandmother who until now have not been known to exist. At that time, many people are not able to lift and embed the main mast. Repeatedly done, it still failed. A few minutes later, came an elderly woman. Calmly he approached people who are mutual cooperation. Grandma had asked permission to people to lift and install the pole. Residents who heard the words of his grandmother, immediately laughed. However Said Abdurachman opposite. He welcomed the arrival of the grandmother. Said also asked residents to allow the grandmother to do what you want. Grandma was asked residents and Abdurachman Said back to their respective homes. [3] [2]


The next day after dawn prayers, residents flock to the construction site of a mosque. Such disbelief, the four main pillars have been firmly installed. Residents were shocked, but none of those who were able to locate the whereabouts of his grandmother. After that, Said Abdurachman and community leaders to build a mosque. For ten years, in 1891, or exactly on 27 Rajab 1311 AH, finally completed Mustaqiem Shirathal Mosque of workmanship. Adji Kutai Sultan Mohammad Sulaiman, as well as a first imams who lead prayers. [3] [2]


After the mosque was completed, in 1901 Henry Dasen, a wealthy Dutch merchant, providing a number of his property for the construction of minarets octagonal, as high as 21 meters. The tower was standing right behind the Qibla of the mosque.